Monday, August 16, 2010

Deep Dark Recesses

Let's start with some records. Here are the deepest darkest recesses of my record collection. Things may end up here for many reasons. 'The Boy With The Arab Strap', for instance, is here because I only like the title track and I hear it often enough on the radio that I don't need to play it myself. There's the worthy but dull and stuff I've just forgotten about and will require a frantic search when something jogs my memory and I need to listen to it.

I recently had a sort out and several unfortunate individuals have been culled because I think they're rubbish and will honestly never want to listen to again, ever. Some have been sold on ebay, attracting varying sums from 99p upwards. Others will end up at Oxfam. 'Spilt Milk' by Jellyfish was an album that I'd listened to a few times when I first bought it but didn't really 'get' and have tried again in the intervening years but it always struck me as rubbish. Fortunately others think different and it's just been sold for £60. If somebody had offered me 5 quid for it last week, I'd have bitten their hand off.

As more room has appeared elsewhere due to sales/disposal, it's probably about time I went through this lot again and extracted the goodies that have slipped out of view.

Also here are some very unfortunate souls. They're the old 12" dance singles I've been trying to sell but nobody wants to buy. There's nothing wrong with most of them, it's just that I'm probably never going to listen to them again and if I do, I've got it already on an album somewhere or I've got something similar that will fulfil the need.


Flaming Nora said...

I have broken your comment cherry xx

seapenguin said...

Boy With the Arab Strap is fab. Liking the blog already!